My Games

The Dark Room, Stirfire Studios

Based on the popular stage show, The Dark Room takes you back to the days before autosave, character customisation or any kind of logical relationship between inventory items and story progression. Thrill to the verbal abuse and palpable contempt of The Guardian as you helplessly try to Turn On The Light Switch! Avoid the giant spider! Pat an adorable puppy! The Dark Room is in early access, so buy the first chapter now, Darren! I was part of the narrative design team who assisted comedian and writer John Robertson in converting the live comedy show to a functioning game.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain,
Tin Man Games

The highly anticipated 3D gamebook of the classic Fighting Fantasy adventure introduces character selection – now, you can play as characters from all over the Fighting Fantasy universe! I wrote unique dialogue and encounters to make each character a truly distinctive experience while still maintaining the history and lore of Titan. Now available on Switch!

Miss Fisher & The Deathly Maze,
Tin Man Games

I did logic editing and a bit of ambient writing (click on the objects in Phryne’s hotel room in episode 2) so the player doesn’t end up in an endless loop of clicking on barrels and unresolved sexual tension. Miss Fisher & The Deathly Maze won an Australian Game Developer’s Association award in 2017!

My Indie Games

Queen Cobra and the No Eye Deer Diamond 

Queen Cobra and the No Eye Deer Diamond is a heist comedy featuring Queen Cobra and the gals from my dating sim (see below) with a bunch of new characters. Get ready for gay grandpas, click-hungry journalists, culture jammers and lesbian superheroes who are absolutely NOT engaged to be married OR adopting a litter of labradoodles!

Dancing With Myself

A small self-dating sim created for Self Care Jam 2016. Go out to a movie, treat yourself to dinner or just schlep about at home!

Give Up

Give Up was created in twine in three hours in response to the theme “self-sacrifice”.


REM is a twine game made for Asylum Jam, a jam which challenges you to make a horror game which DOESN’T rely on mental illness or asylums to generate scares. Mine is based on a week of nightmares I had when taking iron tablets and trying to burn the candle at any and all ends. It also has a scoring system, which is amusing given that it’s a game you’d probably prefer not to “win”.

Queen Cobra

Superhero dating sim for Yuri Game Jam! This was my first attempt at Ren’Py, and I’m pretty happy with how the script came out. Play it and let me know who you ended up with!

Say Hi

Say Hi is an experimental game to teach myself how to use variables.

Ph@t L007

A random treasure generator to teach myself how to generate random treasure! A fun diversion for when you really, really shouldn’t go shopping.