Logic Editing – Miss Fisher & The Deathly Maze

For Episode 2 of the Miss Fisher mobile game, my primary role was to edit the game logic to ensure that players accessed locations, conversations & clues in the correct order, whilst still allowing some freedom to click around and talk to people. After a tricky start, I developed and documented a structure to help me easily understand where the player could be and how to keep track of their condition. Unlike The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, which mostly does not allow the player to backtrack, players can freely travel between locations in Broome and repeat conversations as long as they meet the relevant conditions.  

I additionally provided incidental writing to give environmental colour. In the example shown, this text appears when you click on the Bible in Phryne’s hotel room. It falls open to the Song of Solomon, which I feel Phryne would appreciate. I also worked closely with producer KG Tan and writer Luke Miller to shape the overall plot and clues.