Enabler Interactive – Introduction to Disability

Enabler Interactive create training modules for employees undertaking roles as carers for disabled clients. These modules take the form of choice games where the player selects conversation options to learn about various aspects of life with a disability.

I re-wrote the Introduction to Disability module based on a draft script to ensure that it was both fun to play with natural dialogue and conversation options, but also ensuring that players covered learning goals such as etiquette issues and matters of fact.  

To ensure I gave the characters the diversity and fully-realised personalities they deserved, I researched disability topics, reading blogs and articles by disabled people as well as organisations such as Scope. The characters are based on real people, but their professions and interests were created for the module.

Shown: Kirra, keen clay pigeon shooter, and Phoebe, physicist

Game characters. Kirra is an indigenous woman with a ponytail, wearing a green shirt and grey pants, who uses a wheelchair. Phoebe is an Asian woman with long black hair wearing a yellow shift dress. She has a guide dog with her and holds a white cane in her left hand.