Hello! As you may be aware, my country is currently running that enduring serial The Shit Is On Fire Show, with unusually horrific consequences. Here’s a rough guide at the BBC.

Local legend Morgan Jaffitt has organised a Twitter campaign #gamedevsforfiries (note spelling!) where game developers will offer something to the highest donor who gives to a nominated fire service. Details on how it works can be found here, but the tldr is that you nominate an amount you’re going to donate in the twitter thread, then when the auction is over on 22 January, you donate, show your receipt and receive Thing.

I don’t have the ability to give away my commercial games, and all my personal games are free! So what I’m doing is offering a writing or consultation service to the highest donor.

If you’re a game dev, I can offer you a first draft of barks for your game, write a tutorial, or any other kind of writing your game needs (including tech docs). I can also offer a pre-production consultation – via your preferred videoconference service, but also in person if you’re in Melbourne – to help you beat your game idea into a viable project. The only restriction is that I should be able to do it within 24 work hours (over whatever time period).

If you’re not a game dev, I can write you a fic or any other kind of writing you’d like. This includes your resume or website text, but not your uni essays, sorry!

One last thing – the format of this fundraiser is an auction, where the biggest single amount wins the service. However, I am deeply sympathetic to people with no @#$%^&* money, so the first five people who send me a receipt screenshot for a small donation (like, $2 or up) can have little a drabble, as a treat!

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