RIP Susan Cantplayit

Susan of OneOddGamerGirl/SusanCantPlayIt was a leading light in the world of accessibility and video games, but I thought of her primarily as a fun person to shoot the breeze with on Twitter. My most recent conversations with her were trying to talk her through some of the more irritating features of Bioware’s new loot shooter Anthem, such as finding how to change the colours and textures on your Javelin (easily the most important part of the game) and controlling your rage when your team has that one person who accidentally picked up a mission object but has no idea what to do with it, no matter how hard you jump up and down next to the target.

Susan's Interceptor javelin from Anthem
Susan quickly got the hang of Javelin customisation

But this morning I logged into Twitter to find her partner had posted “Susan passed away yesterday evening and I’m sitting here looking at 74 notifications from people wishing her a speedy recovery.” I have been sick myself, and missed the notification that she had had another stroke – it was all so fast. I’m still disbelieving, still seeing interesting links and thinking “hey, Susan would love this!”.

Susan’s most recent project was moving on from the old One Odd Gamer Girl site to setting up Can I Play That?, a more general accessibility review site with contributors evaluating games for various accessibility aspects. It’s all great and you should definitely support the site – aside from anything else, they just started selling merch – but I particularly want to share Susan’s evaluation of playing the game Prey (2017) with schizophrenia. It is an amazing piece of writing.

Playing with Schizophrenia in Prey

I will very much miss Susan’s humour and dedication.

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