Barb’s Barks – World-Weary Gunslinger, with Kevin J. Powe

Every once in a while I like to put a call for prompts on Twitter to get practice on an aspect of writing I need to develop. Usually it’s making Legendary weapons and armour for people (nominate a basic item, I’ll write flavour text for a personal legendary), but in this case I wanted to develop my bark-writing skills so I asked people to create a character, and I would write barks for that character.

Voice actor Kevin J. Powe came back with “World-weary gunslinger”, which I have to admit is not my preferred genre – making this great practice! I did a bit of history research on swearing in the old West (tl:dr, offense creep means that “damnation” has upgraded to “cunty mcfuck!” or suchlike) and came up with these somewhat Yosemite Sam-like barks.

Needless to say, both Kevin and myself are available for hire.

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